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    Attaining United States citizenship takes time, and it represents the fulfillment of a dream which requires patience, persistence, and diligence from each immigrant who pursues it. At the Law Office of Natalie Driver Womack, PLC, helping clients gain legal status as full, lawful citizens of the United States is one of the most rewarding parts of our practice.

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    We offer a variety of immigration services, such as:

    • Filing a citizenship application

    • Assisting in preparing for citizenship test and interview

    Once you've attained permanent resident status, there are many requirements you must meet before making the final leap to citizenship. You must wait for 5 years before you can be eligible for citizenship status.

    To almost any rule, however, there are exceptions. For example, if you're married to a citizen and your lawful permanent resident status is based on that marriage, you only have to wait for 3 years as a lawful permanent resident, instead of the required 5 years.

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